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- Kitakyushu · Tobata “TERUZUSHI”
From the third generation [Challenge] -

Only The Tops Gather Here

Highly Rated Shelled Sea Urchin from Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi prefecture.
Gargantuan Shiny Big-Black Abalone from the buzen sea.
White Tilefish (Special fisherman preparation method of spinal cord destruction on Fishing-Boat)
Longtooth Grouper from the Goto Islands whose Fat is Superb & Satisfying to our senses.

It is my mission to secure high-quality & natural seafoods vigorously through
mutually reliable rapport with local fishermen in Kyushu and
San’in areas, procure amazingly delicious natural seafoods from the ocean
and make them into wonderful tsunami and sushi you have never enjoyed before.

By fully absorbing a half-century of traditional skills,
through innovation and breaking tradition, I have created a new era of sushi-offering.
Our Sushi serving style is Theatrical & Entertainment.
I would like you all to try & enjoy!!

  • Shelled Sea Urchin
  • Longtooth Grouper
  • Eel burger


Limited open in New York between July and September 2019.

Challenge to the world

Raising the bar of sushi around the world.
I have been invited all around the world to make Sushi for all whom would like to taste my sushi.

Just in the year 2019, I have been to Macau, Beijing, China, Stockholm,
Sweden, Bangkok, Thailand, Manhattan, NYC, and Tokyo, Japan.

It was reported that customers were very pleased and wildly entertained after dining with me.
I hope to make sushi for you and entertain you as well.